Bio Cosmetics

A firm that secures competitiveness through continuous development of
materials and the nurturing of bio specialists

R&D of Cosmetics

Development of Materials Based on Peptidomimetics

HnB9 applies peptidomimetic raw materials developed from its biomaterials research in its cosmetics products. Because peptidomimetic raw materials were developed by improving the weaknesses of peptide materials using the peptide in silico remodeling technology, it boasts outstanding stability and activity. Moreover, in order to increase skin permeability, we applied bio-capsules in the raw materials, demonstrating their efficiency through clinical tests on raw materials.

HnB9 is always striving to provide more effective and technological products to customers by grafting its independently developed biomaterials onto in its cosmetics products.

Structure for Facilitating Percutaneous Absorption

To help facilitate percutaneous absorption of its cosmetics products, we purified seawater and fresh-water animals with spicules that live on the surface of the water, and with our own technology, we created the bio-active spicule.

The bio-active spicule works by increasing the deposit ratio of active ingredients by coating them with a transparent membrane and increasing the capture rate of active ingredients through high-pressure processing so that once the spicules enter the skin, the active ingredients can be continuously released.

HnB9 constantly strives to make slightly more effective cosmetic products and offer advanced technologies.